Premier Bet Aviator Game Review: An In-Depth Look

By far the most popular cash game in Malawi is aviator premier. The game is very simple in its rules and offers a real chance to win big money. Aviator is best suited for players looking for a risky and adrenaline rush, as it is very dynamic and addictive. Aviator is a game where you have to place your bets and keep an eye on the airplane. The main features of the simulator – are simple rules and attractive gameplay. In the intricacies of the slot quickly understand even beginners.  To start playing, you only need to create an account or make an aviator premier bet login (if you are already registered with the bookmaker) and put money in the account. After that, you can already start playing. The rules are simple and the odds are good because the game is all about having time to pick up the bet, which increases with every second the plane takes off. If the take-off stops before you cash out your bet, the money is lost.

Master the Premier Bet Aviator Gameplay: Tips and Strategies

Unleash your mastery in Premier Bet Aviator gameplay with valuable tips and strategies. Elevate your skills and maximize your winning potential.

New players and those who have never played Aviator are often at a loss as to how best to play. That’s why experienced players have highlighted the best strategies to help you protect yourself and build profitable tactics with minimal risk:

  • Martingale strategy. This tactic is well-known in the gambling world. According to her, after each losing bet double the amount and continue as before to win. This method is relevant for a large bankroll and guarantees a win in any case, and its amount usually compensates for all the losses in the process. 
  • More-less strategy, which says to stick to the following rule: the bigger the bet, the faster to take the winnings, and the smaller the bet, the more you need to wait for the high odds only then withdraw it.
  • Fast Play Strategy – You have to bet higher and withdraw with a low multiplier. The minimum multiplier available for withdrawal is x1.35. This will save you the risk and guarantee a small but stable income.

How to Start Playing Premier Bet Aviator Game

If you have decided to give it a try and start playing aviator premier bet, it is very easy to do so:


Step 1

Go to the bookmaker’s website and select the “Games” section;


Step 2

Find aviator among them, or use the category search;


Step 3

Launch the game and it will open automatically.

After that, it is best to look around the gameplay and understand where to place your bets and how exactly to do so You can also examine the results of past rounds and understand the approximate statistics of the games. Then simply wait for the new round to start, place your bet, and start playing!

Download Premier Bet App for Android and iOS: Play on the Go

Download Premier Bet App for Android and iOS: Enjoy seamless gaming on the go. Play anytime, anywhere with convenience.

To ensure that Malawian players always have access to the game and can play on the go, the company has released an app for Android mobile phones. It is very user-friendly and supported on any device regardless of model and year of manufacture. The app also has a push notification feature that allows you to follow the betting progress in real-time. It also ensures that you won’t miss out on any promotional updates.

Installation is easy for anyone, as there are only a couple of things to do:

  • Access the premier bet website using your phone;
  • Scroll to the end of the page and open the menu;
  • Find the link to the application and click on it;
  • This will immediately start downloading aviator premier bet malawi apk;
  • Run the file and complete the installation.

Once installed, a shortcut will appear on your home screen. All you have to do is launch the app and start playing! Unfortunately, the Premier Bet app has not yet been released for iOS phones, but users can play Aviator on their phone using the website!

Access Premier Bet Mobile Website Version: Play Anywhere, Anytime

The mobile site is a great option for iOS phone owners and those who don’t want to download an app. The mobile website is free, accessible from anywhere in the country, and supported in any browser on your phone. It is fully identical to the one on a computer and supports all the same functions.

To open it and have quick access you need only:

  • Go to www.premier in the browser on your phone;
  • Open the page menu and click “Add to home screen” or similar.

This will bring up a shortcut to the site, so you can quickly access it without having to spend time searching for it.

Easy Premier Bet Account Registration: Start Playing in Minutes

Premier Bet offers two easy ways for players to register – web and SMS. Registering on the website is simple, requiring very little personal information. There are a couple of simple steps you need to take:


Step 1

Go to the Premier Bet website;


Step 2

Click on the yellow button «Join»;


Step 3

Select the full registration option and fill in your details in the form;


Step 4

Confirm your registration and wait for a confirmation email.

To register via SMS, players only need to send an SMS with the text “Join” to 8855. This can be done with an Airtel or TNM mobile number. A new login account is automatically created for the player using the phone number and a new password is sent via SMS. You can use these details to log in and start playing!

Premier Bet Login Process: Access Your Account Securely

When you have already set up an account, make sure you make a Login every time you log in to the website or the first time you log in to the application. To log in securely and protect your data, choose a secure internet network and come up with strong passwords for your account. To log into your account you just need to go to the website or app, click on “Login” and enter your login details. Click on “Remember this device” so you don’t have to go through this process every time and you can quickly access your aviator on premier bet.

Verify Your Premier Bet Account: Smooth and Safe Transactions

After the registration process is completed and you have started playing, you need to go through one more mandatory procedure – verification of your account. Verification of your account is necessary to verify your age, verify your documents and allow you to withdraw money to your account. 

On the company website, you can perform this procedure in the “Account” section. Simply find the verification section and attach a photo of your identification documents (passport or driving license). The picture must be of good quality and legible. The verification process usually takes a few days. Once everything is good, you can easily withdraw your money and play Aviator again!

Premier Bet Aviator Promo Code 2023: Get Exclusive Offers 

To keep players happy and to give them the incentive to play aviator premier bet malawi, the company has introduced a system of promo codes, as everyone loves generous bonuses and gifts. 

Players often receive promo codes as holiday gifts or for active play. But you can use promo code XXX right now to increase your welcome bonus amount and receive cool gifts.

Premier Bet Bonuses and Promotions

Premier Bet: Uncover exciting bonuses and promotions. Boost your gaming experience and maximize your rewards with exclusive offers.

Promotions and bonuses are loved by all players in the world, and Malawi is no exception. After all, not only are they nice, but they can give you extra money and increase your chances of winning. Using bonuses is a great incentive for players not to give up, and gives new players a chance and motivation to play.

In the table you can see the most popular Premier Bet Bonuses and Promotions:

Welcome bonus for new playersIncreased first deposit by 100% up to 50,000 MWK
750% Win Bonus Increased payouts of 3% to 750% for winning multi bets
Loyalty ClubOpportunity to win free bets every week
Jackpot 15A real chance to win up to 240,000,000 MWK by guessing 15 results
Casino CashbackGet part of your lost money back to your real account every week

Premier Bet Payment Methods: Safe and Secure Transactions

Premier Bet: Secure payment methods for safe transactions. Enjoy peace of mind while gaming.

Premier Bet claims to use payment methods that are familiar to players in Malawi. You can use them for both deposits and withdrawals. You can see them below:

  • Airtel Deposit;
  • Voucher Deposit;
  • FDH Bank;
  • National Bank Of Malawi;
  • TNM Mpamba.

The minimum and maximum deposits here will depend on the payment method used. For example, the minimum deposit for the National Bank of Malawi is 100 MWK, and for Airtel deposit is 300 MWK, which is an affordable amount for all.

How to Make Deposits? 

To make deposits and start earning with premier bet aviator malawi, there are a couple of easy steps to follow:

  1. Open Premier Bet’s official website or app;
  2. Go to your account and click on «Account»;
  3. Click on the ‘Deposit’ button at the top of your screen;
  4. Choose a deposit method that is more convenient for you and then enter the amount you would like to deposit;
  5. Confirm the operation and wait for the deposit to be credited to your account. The amount will be displayed in your account or you will receive a notification in your application.

How to Withdraw Money? 

Once a player has won money in the aviator premier bet, they will want to withdraw it into their account and spend it. This is no problem and only takes a couple of steps:

  1. Visit the company’s website or app, whichever is more convenient for you;
  2. Log in to your account and go to its menu by clicking on the desired icon in the top menu;
  3. Click on ‘Withdraw’ and go to the Withdrawal Page;
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the form and select a payment method for this transaction;
  5. Confirm your payment and wait to be charged (this can take from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on your payment method).

Premier Bet Aviator Demo Version: Try Before You Play for Real Money

The premier bet aviator demo version is a unique opportunity for players to try out the game for free, where you can find out how it works without risking your money.

To try out the Aviator game and find out that it is simple and profitable, all you have to do is visit Premier Bet’s website, find the Aviator game there, and choose the demo mode. Here, players can look around and place lots of bets to get a feel for the game. And even when the initial balance of free credits runs out, you can rebuild your bankroll by restarting the machine. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can jump in and win some real money with Aviator.

Premier Bet Aviator Game Rules: Understand the Game Mechanics

Premier Bet Aviator: Master the game mechanics. Learn the rules for a winning edge.

Aviator is a crash game from developer Spribe, released in 2021. It features dynamic gameplay, simple rules, and a high payout (97%) which has made it very popular. The aviator premier bet malawi rules are straightforward – place a bet amount, wait and watch for the plane, then click and take your money before the plane explodes if your intuition kicks in. According to the rules of the game, the initial odds are x1 and during the flight, it can reach a maximum of x100. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to win.

To play Aviator correctly and profitably

  1. Open the game and wait for the round to start;
  2. Choose your game mode (auto or manual), enter the bet amount, and confirm it while the time counter is running;
  3. As soon as the plane takes off – watch it and the increasing multiplier;
  4. When you feel it has so far – press the ‘Cash out’ key to stop the flight and collect your winnings;
  5. After the plane explodes, repeat all these steps and play on!

Tips and Tricks for Premier Bet Aviator: Improve Your Winning Chances

Because Aviator on premier bet is a game based on a random number generator, there are unfortunately no 100% surefire ways to win. However, there are a few tricks and tips you can try to make the game more profitable and easier to play.

The very first and most important thing is to start light. It’s tempting to follow the plane to a 10x multiplier, but you never know when it will take off. So start with low stakes and aim for 1.2x multipliers at first. This will help you build up a small but gradual reserve of money. Once you’re more confident, take bigger risks and get the big bucks.

Many gamblers also advise using strategies to play the game. There are so many of them available today (Martingale betting system, Labouchere, Fibonacci, Dalamber, small odds system, wave strategies, and others). All of them can help you build a plan, and sticking to it while playing can greatly increase your chances of winning the most!

Because Premier Bet is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission, the company is completely legal in Malawi. Also, the terms and conditions of this casino state that all activities under the Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malawi. In addition, the Malawi courts have exclusive jurisdiction to settle all disputes. Therefore, you can rest assured of the company’s legality and have no fear.

Install Premier Bet PC Client for Windows and macOS: Enhanced Gaming Experience

Unfortunately, Premier Bet aviator Malawi on PC Client for Windows and macOS has not yet been developed. However, the application is already in development and will be available soon. In the meantime, you can play aviator malawi on the company’s website or in the app on your phone, which is also very handy! 

Advantages for Malawi n Users: Special Features and Offers

Players mention a lot of pros and very few cons for premier bet aviators, which is an indication of the company’s good rating. You can check them out below:

Fast and free access to AviatorNo iOS app
Legal and secure
Easy to use local payment methods
Customer support 
Operational and user-friendly mobile app

The Main Premier Bet Rules: Play Responsibly and Fairly

Premier Bet Malawi takes a practical approach to responsible play and sets rules for players. For example, players can set certain restrictions if they feel their bets are getting out of hand and interfering with life. These include features such as:

  • Deposit limits;
  • Betting limits;
  • Time limits on the site;
  • Temporary blocking;
  • Permanent self-exclusion.

Most importantly, the user can ask the company to limit the operation of their account for a limited time, and if all else fails, to request a permanent blocking, under which the account is permanently closed without the possibility of reopening it. To do this, you need to contact customer support. We advise you to play safely and always pay attention to your state when playing!

Premier Bet Contacts and Customer Support: Get Help When You Need It

Premier Bet Contacts and Customer Support: Assistance when you need it. Reach out to our dedicated team for prompt and reliable help.

Premier Bet Bet gives Malawi punters around-the-clock help through a variety of different channels. You can get in touch using:

  1. Live chat at www.premier aviator or on the company’s app;
  2. By texting on one of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram;
  3. By sending an email to the email address listed on the website.

The customer service at Premier Bet Malawi is excellent and the platform representatives are skilled and courteous. They can answer in English, French, or any other language and give you help on any issue or solve any problems related to the operation of the site or money transactions.

Conclusion: Experience the Thrill of Premier Bet Aviator

Premier Bet Malawi Casino has many cool features that make it the country’s top choice for gambling. Aviator is a unique and exciting way to win big money just by playing and not having to work hard. With secure banking and excellent customer support, Premier Bet is a safe and reliable choice for online gambling. So, if you are looking for a great place to enjoy playing aviator premier, then Premier Bet Casino is the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get rich playing aviator premier bet?

Yes, you can get rich fast with aviator premier bets due to their high odds. Even if you are afraid of taking a risk, just place small bets and withdraw at low odds to have stable winnings.

Can I register and play at Premier Bet if I am under 18?

Unfortunately, no, because the company rules and Malawi law states that only the legal age of the majority can play casino games and gamble or be registered with a betting company.

How to play Aviator Premier Bet for the first time?

It is easy, to play Aviator simply register, log in to your account and select a game from the menu. Then all you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions to place your bet and start playing.

Can I hack an Aviator game and find out the results in advance?

No. Many websites offer hacking apps and bots, but this is cheating. Since Aviator is based on a random number generator, it cannot be hacked and cannot be accurately predicted. You only have to count on yourself, luck, and intuition to win!