PinUP Aviator Game Review 

At our office to start playing Aviator you need to register at PinUP and you can get a bonus from us. There are different features available in our office, including live chat, real-time betting, and real-time stats. The interface gives the total bets and bets of each player, the game screen, and user bets. There you will find a button for betting and withdrawal. The task of the player in The Aviator is to withdraw the money with maximum profit for himself and in time before the plane falls. If the plane falls and the player does not have time to withdraw the money, the bet is lost. At PinUP it is possible to play not only for real money but also to use the slot in demo mode for virtual chips.  

Master the PinUP Aviator Gameplay

Master the PinUP Aviator gameplay and soar to new heights. Unleash your skills and conquer the game with expert strategies.

It is no secret that in our game Aviator in PinUP to play and win there are tips and strategies and now we will talk about tips:

  • Use bonuses and gifts. This will give you opportunities to earn more money; 
  • Play regularly. Our office often gives gifts to active users and gives VIP status; 
  • Use the demo mode. You can play for free unlimited time with us in this mode. Without risk and without spending money you can get acquainted with this game and choose your strategy.

To learn how to play Aviator Cool, it is better to use the demo mode first. Well, the strategies of our company PinUP in the game Aviator can be seen below:

  • Low-Speed Strategy. The system is rather safe and the odds used there are 1.01-1.3 and up to 1.5. Although you can lose here, it is easy to increase the balance at a small rate. For lovers of making quick money such a strategy is not suitable;
  • Intermediate strategy. Here the user needs to withdraw money at odds of x2-x3. Here the risk is high and a decent deposit is needed, but it is possible to win a good amount of money quickly;   
  • Martingale strategy in the Aviator game. It is popular and after each loss, it is necessary to double the amount of the previous bet, and then return to a certain initial amount after the next win. The implementation of the strategy requires players to place small bets. If the bets will be for a large amount, there is a big chance to lose a lot of money quickly.

How to Start Playing PinUP Aviator Game

Playing Aviator on our website PinUP in Malawi is very easy. The game has interesting rules:


Step 1

Make one bet or make a second bet if you want to make a double bet in the round;


Step 2

Wait for the plane to take off;


Step 3

Cash-out before the plane takes off.

There are situations where the plane may not even take off. This can happen with a multiplier of x1.01. This will result in losing a bet or winning x0.01. It is also possible for the plane to reach a multiplier of x100 or more and this will provide the player with an excellent winning.
And also players can choose in our office manual or automatic bet. With a manual bet, the user withdraws at any time. With automatic betting, the player sets the winning limit, and the game, when it manages to reach a certain amount, there will be an automatic withdrawal.

Download PinUP App for Android and iOS: Play on the Go 

Download PinUP App for Android and iOS: Enjoy gaming on the go. Play anytime, anywhere with our convenient mobile app.

Many players use our app to play away from home and PinUP Aviator for Android and iOS will help them. Anyone can download our app and install it on their mobile device. Next, you need to install it on your mobile device. If not already registered, then do it and fund your game account with funds. And after that, you can easily use it. Also through the application, there is access to a demo mode and the main game mode for real money. Using our application at any time and in any place you can deposit and play Aviator. The main thing is to have a stable Internet.  

Downloading the apk file and using our PinUP app and playing Aviator is very easy. In the browser enter the official site PinUP in Malawi. Then find the section with the mobile app. In your phone settings, allow the installation of applications from unknown sources. Download the apk file to your device and install it. You are now allowed to use our app and earn money.

To download the PinUP Aviator app on the iOS system, you need to do the following:

  1. Visit the PinUP website;
  2. Find the area where the mobile app will be located;
  3. Download and install the app. After clicking on the iOS icon, you will be taken to the App Store where you can easily download and install our app.

Access PinUP Mobile Website Version: Play Anywhere, Anytime 

The mobile web version of our Aviator game is perfect for those users who do not want to download the mobile app. When you use the mobile version of PinUP, you will have access to the same features as the computer version. You might have to wait a little bit for the mobile web version to load the page, but there is no need to download and update our app and it is available to every player. 

Easy PinUP Account Registration: Start Playing in Minutes

After registering, you will get access to our PinUP Aviator and become a Malawi player and get your account. To do this, you need to provide your details to us and then confirm them. Our office is safe and protects the data of its players with an advanced encryption system. And registration is simple:


Step 1

You need to enter our official site PinUP in a browser from any of the devices. For example, it is possible to download our application and register there;


Step 2

Open the registration form. You will see the button “Register” and click on it;


Step 3

Fill in your details;


Step 4

Complete the registration. Read the terms and conditions and click “Register” to create your account.

PinUP Login Process: Access Your Account Securely

Once you have completed the registration process at our PinUP Malawi office, you will need to log in to your account. It’s not difficult, you need to enter your email address and password or other required information and click on the login icon. After that, we advise you to save the data in your browser. Now almost all the functions will be available to you in our office.

Verify Your PinUP Account: Smooth and Safe Transactions 

To access all the features of our office PinUP, including the withdrawal of your winnings from the Aviator game, you need to verify your account.  You need scanned copies of your passport pages for this, and the verification lasts no more than a couple of days. For this procedure you need: 

  1. Open our website on your computer;
  2. Log in to your account with your data and password;
  3. Go to the “Verification” section;
  4. Specify personal information;
  5. Click on the “Upload photo” tab;
  6. Upload your passport scan and photo with the document;
  7. All that’s left to do is to click on the “Submit” button. 

PinUP Aviator Promo Code 2023: Get Exclusive Offers

When a Malawi player enters a valid promo code when creating an account with us at PinUP in the Aviator game, he is eligible for increased bonuses and promotions. For example, the amount of the welcome bonus can increase. Codes change regularly, so keep an eye out for this. And you will need to enter – XXX to get the opportunities of this promo code.

PinUP Bonuses and Promotions

PinUP: Explore exciting bonuses and promotions. Elevate your gaming experience and enjoy exclusive rewards with our enticing offers.

At our PinUP office, playing Aviator on the site is not just something users enjoy, but also gives generous bonuses. Promotions and bonuses can be seen as follows:

Registration bonusIt is credited in the amount of 100% up to 1700 MWK
Free spins for the startPlayers get free spins for the first deposit of a certain amount
Birthday giftFor verified players is given in the form of a non-deposit amount of money
RefundCashback is credited every Monday

PinUP Payment Methods: Safe and Secure Transactions

PinUP: Secure payment methods for safe and seamless transactions. Enjoy peace of mind while managing your funds with our trusted options.

Before making a deposit to play Aviator with us at PinUP, the player needs to do some important things before making the mentioned procedure. And the following systems can be used to deposit funds:

  • Bank cards – Visa, MasterCard, Maestro;
  • Electronic money – Webmoney, Neteller, Skrill;
  • Cryptocurrency. 

How to Make Deposits?   

On our official PinUP website, you can find common ways to deposit money to your account, then place a bet and choose the odds. You can use payment methods Skrill, Visa, Neteller, and others. This can also be done through the app or mobile version. The deposit can be made as follows:

  1. Create an account or log in to an existing one; 
  2. Go to the “Deposit” section in our office;
  3. Select and use a convenient method of payment;
  4. Specify the amount;
  5. Complete the transaction and click on the “Deposit” button.

How to Withdraw Money?

To withdraw money from our site PinUP you do not need to do the following:

  1. You need to enter your login and password to your cabinet;
  2. Then enter the “Cashier” section and select the option “Withdraw winnings”;
  3. Next, specify the expected amount of withdrawal;
  4. The process is completed.

A lot depends on the chosen method on the speed of money transfer. If you take, for example, a bank account, this action takes up to several days. If you want a faster way, use an e-wallet.

PinUP Aviator Demo Version: Try Before You Play for Real Money 

For beginners, the essence of the game may not be clear. That’s why our PinUP site gives players the chance to try out Aviator and explore all the gameplay features in a demo version. The whole mechanics of the game are the same in the free version, as well as in the paid version. Only in the free game, you can not withdraw your winnings. During the flight, you need to watch the odds. It is possible to play using a PC browser or mobile device. Many players after the demo version tend to play for real money faster. 

PinUP Aviator Game Rules: Understand the Game Mechanics

To start the game, the user makes one or two bets. The first option is easier to use for beginners or less risky. The second option is used by brave users. It is not difficult to understand the logic of the game Aviator. In our demo version, there is an opportunity to get more experience. The player needs to withdraw money before in both cases, as the plane disappears. It is impossible to predict the speed and duration of the flight. Attention, luck, and speed of human reaction in Aviator PinUP mean a lot. 

Tips and Tricks for PinUP Aviator

Unlock your winning potential with tips and tricks for PinUP Aviator. Enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of success.

The tips we have at PinUP at Aviator will help increase your chances of earning. A reputable site with a good reputation is our PinUP. To start playing in advance, make sure that the payment systems are reliable and available. Check the availability of support at all times. Our PinUP has a fair amount of bonuses compared to many other companies. To play Aviator, first test a few rounds in demo mode and use different strategies and study the stat multipliers. When you are confident after a detailed study of the game you can proceed to play for money. Decide in advance on the number of bets. Experienced players are advised not to exceed the bet amount by more than a couple of percent of your bank. You can use different gambling strategies and choose the best strategy for yourself and follow it. Use the “cash out” button so that you can withdraw your money. 

 In addition to the tips described above, we recommend the following:

  • Play sober;
  • Determine the amount of money you can lose and not break your financial condition;
  • Control your emotions and do not devote all your time to the game;
  • Leave the game when you have important things to do;
  • Do not start playing when you are in a bad mood.  

At our PinUP office, the Aviator game has certified software. It is licensed by the Curacao Commission and therefore all services are top notch and everything is transparent.

Install PinUP PC Client for Windows and macOS: Enhanced Gaming Experience 

This popular new generation game where you can win in a short time. Our PinUP site is unique and offers all kinds of services, which is very convenient. There is a chance to use PinUP PC Client for Windows and macOS using the game in Aviator. In addition to the application and site, a special mobile version has been developed for your convenience, which makes the PC Client for Windows and macOS optimized for any handheld device. You are automatically redirected to the mobile version when you visit the site from your device, which is already adapted to your device. You will also find the Aviator game, deposit methods, and much more useful in this version. This feature can be used from anywhere with internet access.

Advantages for Malawi Users: Special Features and Offers

Special advantages for Malawian users: Discover exclusive features and offers tailored for an enhanced gaming experience.

Our popular website for playing Aviator is PinUP which supports a lot of sports and casino games. In our office, there are many convenient features and those that please the betting platform, including bonuses. The main advantages are as follows:

  • A decent selection of sporting events;
  • Large section with Casinos, including Aviator;
  • Constant customer support;
  • Many bonuses;
  • Fast and convenient registration on our site and in the application, as well as in the mobile version;
  • A variety of deposit and withdrawal methods;
  • Adapted to the needs of the players.

The Main PinUP Rules: Play Responsibly and Fairly

You need to check the “Terms and Conditions” box when you register with us. A certain set of rules goes with it and you have to abide by them. And there is also a responsible play and anti-fraud policy. You can see their details:

  • Users can’t register on our site for anyone under the age of 18;
  • Creation of accounts more than 1 is forbidden;
  • Money laundering is prohibited;
  • Initially, you need to create an account and fill up the balance, otherwise, you will not play for real money;
  • The person who makes the bet is allowed to enter personal data.

PinUP Contacts and Customer Support: Get Help When You Need It

PinUP Contacts and Customer Support: Reliable assistance when you need it. Reach out to our dedicated team for prompt and helpful support.

Our PinUP office provides ongoing customer service to players. Here are the ways available to you:

  • Contact us via live chat on the website or by email;
  • Use a link on Telegram or VKontakte;
  • Through a phone number.

Conclusion: Experience the Thrill of PinUP Aviator   

It is convenient and nice to see at our PinUP office every day to register users and there are a lot of them. PinUP Aviator is a very popular site in Malawi where you can bet on your favorite event and win good money, and fast. Playing here is interesting for several reasons:

  • A variety of bonuses pleases;
  • Popular ways of crediting money to the account and withdrawing;
  • The possibility of using a promo code;
  • Our reliable bookmaker’s office is a great way to bet.


How do I earn at Aviator?

Earning money with us at PinUP Aviator is easy. Learn how to play in the demo mode and then play for real money. Determine your strategy for making more money. You can double-bet on small odds and good odds. Bet consciously and for the amounts you can afford.

Is there a promo code for Aviator at PinUP Casino?

Every new customer at our PinUP receives a gift in the form of promo code XXX, which activates a bonus in the form of a certain amount. This makes users happy and shows more interest.

Does PinUP have an app for playing Aviator?

Our PinUP users in Malawi are lucky as they can download and install the app on their devices on Android and iOS operating systems. After registering, verifying, and depositing, players can easily use all the features of the app, and receive various bonuses, and is still available in demo mode.

Are there any tricks I can use to play Aviator?

No. The only thing that is possible is to use some strategies. There are no tactics that guarantee a 100% win in every round. Aviator is a game of chance and it takes luck.

What is the logic behind Aviator?

The logic behind playing Aviator at our PinUP is that the player, after creating a bet before the plane starts flying, has to anticipate its disappearance from the game screen. The user must withdraw money before the plane falls to earn money. If the plane falls, it will be a loss.

Can I play Aviator in demo mode?

Yes, you can. In this game, you can play for free, without investing. It will allow you to choose a strategy and learn how to play. However, the demo mode does not allow to play for real money.