Aviator Demo Review

Aviator Demo Review: Explore the features and gameplay of Aviator's demo version, offering a risk-free experience to try out the game.

Before you begin playing the Aviator game, it is important to become familiar with its interface: 

  • Upon launching the demo mode of Aviator, you will be presented with the flight control panel. On the right side of your screen, you will see an aircraft and the statistics for the changing multiplier coefficient which refreshes every 20 rounds. At the top of this page, you’ll notice the amount of money currently in your account per game. 
  • On the left side of your screen is data displaying statistics for each round of gameplay. This section provides details on all bets made by other players during previous rounds as well as their winnings and multipliers associated with these bets. 
  • You can also access menus displaying your own placed bets or a list of current top winners from any given game. 
  • Lastly, please note that the Game-in Chat feature is not available in demo versions at this time.

How to Play Aviator Demo by Spribe

In Aviator, a plane crash game, players must fulfil their bets before the plane takes off and inevitably crashes. The highest amount they can win from each round is calculated by multiplying the coefficient of the wager with the amount wagered. Every gaming session lasts for thirty seconds after which new bets are placed and the journey resumes. To start playing Aviator demo mode you need to:


Step 1

First, you must sign up with an online casino that offers Aviator. Make sure the casino is legitimate and secure, so you do not risk your personal or financial information.

To create an account, visit 1Win's official website and click the green 'Sign Up' button. Start your registration process today.

Step 2

Then you will need to make a deposit into your casino account that meets the minimum requirement for playing Aviator.

Next, you'll be required to make a deposit into your casino account that meets the minimum requirement for playing Aviator.

Step 3

Once the deposit is complete, launch the game on the website of the chosen online casino.

Launching Aviator game on online casino website.

Step 4

Before beginning to play, set your bet(s). There may be different betting limits required for each platform, so make sure you read all terms and conditions before making a wager.

Setting bets and checking platform-specific betting limits before playing Aviator game.

Step 5

After you’ve placed your bets, wait for the airplane in the game to start flying across the screen before cashing out at what you think is the best moment.

Wait for the airplane to fly across the screen before deciding the ideal moment to cash out your bets in Aviator game.

Placing Bets in Aviator Demo: A Quick Tutorial

To place a bet in Aviator demo game mode, you need to locate two green buttons beneath the flight area of the plane (red route). These buttons offer control functions that enable you to activate both autoplay mode and auto cashout feature. With Autoplay, the game will automatically play up to 10 rounds while you’re away or not actively watching. Auto Cashout allows instant withdrawal once a predetermined multiplier is achieved – so there’s no need to keep an eye on when the plane reaches the desired multiplier for withdrawing your winnings in Aviator.

Understanding the Differences Between Aviator Demo and Full Version

The aviator demo and full version share a lot of similarities, but there are significant differences between them. Playing the demo version of Aviator on an online casino website is a great way to learn the game without any risk. Instead of using your real money, you will be playing with fake money and this means you can try out different betting strategies without worrying about potential losses. 

This mode allows you to explore the game in-depth, developing your gaming skills as well as gaining crucial insights into betting tactics, rewards, and other important information. You’ll have access to all the same features of the full version of the game – but instead of real money, you’ll be using virtual currency. It’s recommended that players practise playing on the demo version first before placing bets with real money so they are already familiar with how it works when they begin.

Pros and Cons of Aviator Demo

There are both advantages and disadvantages to playing the demo mode of Aviator before playing for real money. Below is a table of them so you can determine if it’s right for you:

  • You can familiarise yourself with the game controls by engaging in some practice play.
  • Experiments with different betting strategies to gain maximum returns prior to playing for real money.
  • Enables you to determine the best way to approach the game.
  • You won’t be able to experience all the features that come with the full version, such as extra characters and levels.
  • You won’t be able to bet and win real money.

Downloading the Aviator Demo App for Smartphones and PCs

Download Aviator Demo App for smartphones & PCs - Dive into thrilling gameplay anywhere, anytime!

To download Aviator onto your PC and smartphone, you need to take a look at the top bookmakers and online casinos that support the game. These operators must comply with all the latest Gambling Laws and Regulations, meaning they typically only offer Aviator games through select casinos such as 1win, Parimatch, 4rabet, 1xBet and Pin-Up. You can access their official websites to download free apps for Android, Mac/iOS or Windows devices. Both these apps provide users with a free demo mode and full version of Aviator for no additional cost. If you require further information on this topic, please visit the website of any of the previously mentioned online casinos.

The game works just as well on mobile devices albeit with one change: you can only place one bet per round instead of two on desktop versions. Aside from this change, every other aspect of the game remains the same including the amazing quality of graphics and speed that makes Aviator so much fun to play.


Do I need an app to play the Aviator casino game?

No, you can play the Aviator gambling game directly from your browser without needing an app, as long as you have a stable Internet connection. This eliminates the need to download the game and saves memory on your device, making it a convenient and practical option.

How does the Aviator game work?

The concept is straightforward: you make a bet on a game and a plane takes off into the sky. The multiplier increases as the plane gains height. It is up to you to decide when to cash out and secure your profits. However, if the plane disappears before you do so, you lose your entire bet.

Is Aviator Demo legal in Malawi?

Certainly. The Aviator game is primarily available in the gambling market through the Spribe game provider. This provider has high standards for its partners, the online casinos, which must comply with Anti Money Laundering laws and be licensed by authorised Gambling Commissions.

How can I register to play aviator?

Registration is very simple: if you have an account at any of the participating casinos, all you have to do is enter your login details and confirm. You will then be ready to take part in the Aviator game. If not, you can always sign up for a new account on one of the casino sites that offers this gambling game.