Bluechip Aviator Game Review: An In-Depth Look

Let’s figure out what the Aviator game is and why so many online casino users enjoy it.

When you open the Bluechip Aviator, you will see the simplest picture possible, which will allow you to quickly understand the principle of the game. The bottom line is that a red plane will be displayed on your screen. The game starts at the moment when the plane takes off. The higher the plane flies, the higher the coefficient for your bet. The coefficient will be indicated in the center of the screen above the plane. Thus, your task is to place your bet at the moment with the most favorable coefficient for yourself. However, be careful! The plane can leave or land at any time. Bluechip Aviator is a great opportunity to test your luck and intuition. The big advantage of the game is its transience. The plane flies for no more than 30 seconds. This means that you will know the result of your bet very quickly.

Master the Bluechip Aviator Gameplay: Tips and Strategies

Of course, in many ways, the Aviator game relies on your intuition and luck, but we have some ideas for you on how to make your Aviator game as profitable as possible. To do this, there are some strategies that can be identified based on the statistics of winnings.

blue chip strategies

Small coefficient

According to this strategy, you should place bets with a coefficient of no more than 1.5. Statistics show that such values are more likely than large ones. But it is worth considering some disadvantages of this strategy. For example, small winnings are only 10%, and if the coefficient is below 1.09, then you will lose the entire pot.

Moderate risk

If you choose this strategy, then you should place bets with a coefficient value from 2 to 5. The probability of making such a bet is approximately 40%. There is also a certain disadvantage to this strategy. For example, for several rounds in a row, the coefficient values will be low, that is, less than 2.

Bluechip Aviator win in one round

Approximately once every hour and a half, the coefficient value reaches 100. As part of this tactic, your task is to determine the interval of occurrence of this coefficient and its output. Despite the fact that this strategy can take a significant amount of time, it will fully justify itself and will please you in case of victory.

Two simultaneous bets

This strategy is something in between the “small coefficient” and “moderate risk” strategy. During the game, you will need to use both betting windows so that the first initial bet is in automatic mode and corresponds to a coefficient of up to 1.5. Accordingly, the second bet will correspond to the “moderate risk” strategy with a coefficient of 2-5.

How to Start Playing Bluechip Aviator Game: Step-by-Step Guide

To begin with, you must register on our official website. Log into your existing account if you already have one. Following that, a horizontal menu will appear at the top of the main page. Here you will need to select the “Games” section. Then, you will see the entire list of games that we offer you. Despite the fact that they are numerous, do not worry, the Aviator is located at the very beginning of this section. To open it, hover over the “Aviator” image, and then click on the “Play” button icon. From this moment you can start the game. You will discover the main place of action – the plane and its “runway”. Below you will see windows for entering the amount of your bet. You must have money in your account in order to place bets. After that, your plane will be able to take off and your task is to collect the winnings before it disappears.

Download Bluechip App for Android and iOS: Play on the Go

blue chip app

We strive to give our clients the most pleasant environment possible! That is why you can download the Bluechip mobile app on our official website. With it, you will have the opportunity to enjoy gambling wherever you are. The application is available for iOS and Android users. To download it, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the mobile version of our official website. 
  2. Open the menu and select the line “More”. Next, select “Application”.
  3. Here you will find a page where you will see the “Download APK” button.
  4. Your mobile device will download a file. Open it and follow the installation instructions. 
  5. After the installation is complete, the Bluechip icon will appear on your phone’s home screen.

Access Bluechip Mobile Website Version: Play Anywhere, Anytime

If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to download the Bluechip mobile app, do not worry. Our official website is well-adapted for mobile phones. This applies to both Android and iOS users. All you need is to go to the official Bluechip website using any mobile browser that is familiar to you. The interface is slightly different but remains simple and easy to use. This is done in order to optimally place all the site data at the scale of the phone screen. Generally, the mobile version of the site has all the features that the computer version has: any kind of bets, making a deposit, withdrawing funds, and so on.

Easy Bluechip Account Registration: Start Playing in Minutes

To enjoy all the features of the site or application, you need to go through a simple and quick registration stage. In order to do this, follow to the instructions given below:


Step 1

Open the official Bluechip website and click the “Register” button in the upper right corner.


Step 2

You will notice a pop-up window where you must enter the information listed below: email, phone number, password for your account, country of residence, and currency used.


Step 3

If you have a promo code, you may add it. And click the “Continue” button below.


Step 4

Next, you need to enter some additional information about yourself: first name, last name, date of birth, and place of residence.


Step 5

The final step in your registration will be a confirmation that you have read the terms of use and the Bluechip Privacy policy, you are ready to receive notifications from our official mailing list, you have reached the age of majority and this is your only Bluechip account.


Step 6

At the bottom, click the red button “Create an account” and start playing!

Bluechip Login Process: Access Your Account Securely

In order to secure all the personal data of your account, you will have to log in to your account every time you open Bluechip. To do this, select “Login” from the navigation bar in the top right corner of the screen, then enter your email address or mobile number (it depends on what you specified during registration), as well as your password. If you forgot your password, don’t worry. You can easily and safely restore it by clicking on the phrase “forgot” at the end of the line where you need to enter the password. 

Despite the fact that the login process takes a few seconds, if you don’t want to do it every time you visit the site, we recommend you to use our official application. It has an additional “Remember me” function and will not require you to log in to your account every time.

Verify Your Bluechip Account: Smooth and Safe Transactions

Account verification is a mandatory step in order to enable you to withdraw your winning funds. This will confirm your identity and provide a higher level of security for all your account data. For the verification process, you need to use only the original document confirming your identity. 

As soon as you create a request for verification of your account, you must send all the data that we will request from you within 30 calendar days. If you do not do this, our company reserves the right to block your account. It is also possible to block your account if we consider your data suspicious. This is done, as already mentioned, to increase the security of using Bluechip. And also this item will not allow you to create multiple accounts in your name, which is contrary to the Bluechip terms of use and also leads to the blocking of all your accounts.

To verify your account, go to your account settings and select “Verification”, and then “Start verification”. Fill in all the necessary fields and upload photos of the documents. After that, wait for verification confirmation from Bluechip.

Bluechip Aviator Promo Code 2023: Get Exclusive Offers 

Our bookmaker offers users from Malawi a generous bonus program and promotions. Moreover, here you can also use promo codes and get additional benefits. A promo code is a certain set of characters, when you enter it, you will receive an additional bonus from us. For example, when registering an account, you are asked to enter a promo code, if you have one. 

To keep up to date with the latest promo codes, we recommend that you follow the news on our social networks, as well as subscribe to the official Bluechip newsletter.

Bluechip Bonuses and Promotions

blue chip bonus

In order to make sure that we offer our users from Malawi a really large number of bonus offers, check out the table below:

The first Welcome BonusWhen you make your first deposit after registration, we will increase its amount by 150%!
The second Welcome bonusWhen you make your second deposit after registration, we will increase its amount by 50%!
The third Welcome bonusWhen you make your third deposit after registration, we will increase its amount by 75%!
Monday Reload bonusMake a deposit on Monday and get up to 50 freespins at Bluechip Casino (the bonus is available from the fifth deposit in the account)
Wednesday Reload bonusMake a deposit on Wednesday and we will increase it by 50% (the bonus is available from the fourth deposit)
Friday Reload bonus Make a deposit on Friday and we will increase it by 25% (the bonus is available from the fifth deposit)
Sunday Reload bonus Make a deposit on Sunday and get 25 freespins at Bluechip Casino
Highroller BonusMake a deposit and get a 100% bonus on it (available once a week)
Slots CashbackGet back 10% of the amount spent on slot games every day
Instant Games CashbackGet back 15% of the amount spent on instant games every day
Live Games CashbackGet back 20% of the amount spent on real-time games every day

In addition, we recommend that you pay more attention to the “Promotions” section, as bonus offers and promotions may be updated. Don’t forget to consider the conditions of their using. It is also very important to immediately familiarize yourself with the terms of participation in the offer, as well as with the rules for wagering the bonus funds received.

Bluechip Payment Methods: Safe and Secure Transactions

blue chip payment

For your convenience, Bluechip offers you all the most popular payment methods that are used online in Malawi. All of them are reliable and secure, so you don’t have to worry when making financial transactions in Bluechip. You will undoubtedly be able to choose the most convenient option for yourself since you will have the opportunity to use:

  • Credit cards;
  • Electronic wallets;
  • Bank transfers;
  • Cryptocurrency.

To know the entire list of payment methods available in Malawi, open the menu of the main site, select “More” and then select “Payment methods”. If several options are suitable for you from the entire list, you can pay attention to the limits on depositing and withdrawing funds, as they may differ, and then choose the most convenient one for yourself.

How to Make Deposits? 

In order to make a deposit, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your account and select the “Deposit” button in the top right corner of the screen, which is marked in green.
  2. In the left-hand pane that appears, you can choose from the suggested payment method that is convenient for you.
  3. Enter the amount of your deposit in the window’s right-hand corner. Pay attention to the text below this line, which indicates the deposit limits. They may vary depending on the payment system you choose.
  4. Below you will also see a line with the option to choose for yourself one of the proposed welcome bonuses or refuse it. 
  5. Click on the green button at the bottom “Deposit & Get 1st Deposit”.
  6. Next, you will see a page where you will need to enter additional data, depending on the payment system you have chosen.
  7. After completing the previous points, the deposit will be immediately credited to your account.

How to Withdraw Money?

Pay note to the fact that before you can withdraw your money, you must first complete the account verification process. 

If your account has been verified, follow these instructions to withdraw your funds:

  1. Log in to your account and in the upper right part of the screen, click on the window that reflects the amount of your money in the account. 
  2. You will see an additional menu in which you need to select “Withdrawal”.
  3. Next, you need to select the payment system that you are going to use and enter the amount to be withdrawn. Do not forget to pay attention to the limits on the maximum and minimum possible withdrawal amount.
  4. If necessary, enter additional information that the payment system will require.
  5. Confirm your action and wait for the money to be transferred to you. The withdrawal time may vary depending on the selected payment system.

Bluechip Aviator Demo Version: Try Before You Play for Real Money

We work to make sure that our users get as comfortable as possible, so we created the opportunity to play Aviator in trial or demo mode. This means that you can try this game, understand its work, evaluate how it suits you, and all this is absolutely free. In the demo version, you can enjoy playing Aviator without making a deposit or even registering. This is an ideal opportunity to decide whether you want to play for real money in the future.

In order to go to the demo version of the Aviator game, go to the “Games” section on our official website and find the Aviator. When choosing this game, you can click on the button that means “Play” or select the gray button below “Demo”. When you choose the second option, an additional window opens where you can log in to your account or register. The “demo mode” button can be found at the bottom of the page if you don’t need it right now, which you need to activate. Now you can start playing.

Bluechip Aviator Game Rules: Understand the Game Mechanics

Let’s take another look at the main points and rules of the Aviator game.

  1. Place a bet or even two before the start of the round, that is before the plane takes off on the screen.
  2. Watch the flight of the plane and the odds for the bet. The higher the plane, the higher the coefficient. This coefficient will be multiplied by the size of your bet.
  3. Withdraw your winnings before the plane has left or landed, and the money is yours!

Tips and Tricks for Bluechip Aviator: Improve Your Winning Chances

blue chip tips

To make the Aviator game as profitable as possible for you, you can read a few tips:

  • Before playing for real money, practice and get better acquainted with the principle of the game in the demo version;
  • Try to use the special strategies of the Aviator game, which are described above;
  • Remember that this is only a game.  Do not overdo it by waiting for the maximum coefficient every time, because this way you have a much higher chance of getting a minimum win;
  • Make sure you have a stable and high-quality Internet connection, as the round in the Aviator lasts quite a bit and this might be significant.

Is Bluechip Aviator Legal in Malawi? Know Your Rights

There is no law in Malawi that prohibits the work of foreign online bookmakers. This means that you can enjoy online gambling with Bluechip.

Install Bluechip PC Client for Windows and macOS: Enhanced Gaming Experience

In order to make your experience with Bluechip even more comfortable, we recommend that you install the application on your computer. To do this, open the menu on our official website and select “Application” in the “More” section. What benefits will you get:

  • Quick Access to Bluechip gambling entertainment;
  • Faster loading of all data;
  • A higher level of security for your personal information.

Advantages for Malawi n Users: Special Features and Offers

blue chip advantages

We can provide you with the following benefits:

  • A large selection of gambling entertainment;
  • Simple interface and navigation;
  • High level of security of your data;
  • The ability to use from any device, both a computer and a mobile phone;
  • Availability of the official application;
  • Generous bonus program;
  • The use of popular payment systems in Malawi for the deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • Round-the-clock support work.

The Main Bluechip Rules: Play Responsibly and Fairly

By using Bluechip, you confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy. You may learn more about them in detail in the relevant sections of our website, but here are the main ones:

  • You must be of legal age to use Bluechip;
  • If our company has suspicions of fraud on your part, we reserve the right to contact the relevant state authorities for investigation;
  • Use only the official version of the website and application so that we can ensure the security of your data;
  • You have the right to create only one personal account;
  • Create a strong password for your account and do not share it with others;
  • If the company detects actions on your part that violate the terms and conditions of use of Bluechip, as well as if your actions are aimed at hacking and attempts to circumvent the security system, your account will be blocked. Therefore, before you start using Bluechip, read the rules of our website in order to avoid undesirable situations.

Bluechip Contacts and Customer Support: Get Help When You Need It

blue chip support

If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact our support service. In order to find it, you need to open the Bluechip menu, scroll down and find 2 items “Support Center” and “Live Support”. You can view a list of the most frequently asked questions by opening the first one. If you don’t find something here that will help you, contact our Live Support. Here you will need to enter your first name, last name, and email address where you can be contacted, as well as describe your problem. Then expect a response from our specialists.

Conclusion: Experience the Thrill of Bluechip Aviator

Summing up, we can say that the Aviator game is a great opportunity to get a new experience in an online casino and be at the center of all current trends in gambling. With Bluechip Aviator you will have an exciting and high-quality time because we try to offer the best.


Can I play Aviator without registering with Bluechip?

Yes, you can use the demo version for this. There is no registration or deposit necessary. However, keep in mind that the demo version does not allow you to win real money.

How long should I wait for the withdrawal of funds?

It may take up to three days to withdraw money. But as a rule, you don’t have to wait that long. This also depends on the payment system that you have chosen.

Is the mobile version of Bluechip different from the computer version?

No, the mobile version has all the same features as the computer version.

Why is Bluechip Aviator so popular?

This is because of the game’s easy rules, a dynamic course of events, and a quick result. You should definitely try it if you haven’t done it yet.